Thursday, October 9, 2008

So What's the Skinny on San Diego?

That's exactly what we're going to answer on this blog!!
  • FOOD For family night, date night, hooking up, hanging out, celebrating or just noshing and throwing back a drink, Where To Go?
  • FAMILY It's Friday Night Family Night, and you're all sitting around trying to avoid the same pizza joint and bookstore- check out SD Skinny; we'll have the places to go for family learning, fun, relaxation and surprise.
  • DATE NIGHT Married or just hooked up, where to go when you want to laugh and talk?
  • MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Classes? Vacations? Mini freakouts followed by strong desire to forget your problems? Homeschooling? Genius child? ADD? Behavior problem? Budget? New baby? Sex life? Laughter? Love? All here.
  • VACATIONING What's free? What's new? What's time tested and top notch? What's interesting that I can't see/get anywhere else? Where should we stay? What's so special about San Diego? We will tell you.
  • LIVING San Diego housing, real estate, business, investing, neighborhoods, schools, crime, politics, challenges and strengths.
  • SHOPPING Fashion, clothing for kids, food, bargains, upscale, home made, small business, tucked away or on every corner, where can you get it, buy it, explore it? We will tell you.
  • SECRET SAN DIEGO What is tucked away, a hidden gem, hardly talked about but greatly valued, enjoyed but kept on the down low? That's what we know, and you'll find out.
  • BARGAINS If there's a bargain and we find out about it, so will you!